Acid Rock

Things You Will Need:

3 Tubes of choice from the same artist

Scrap kit of choice - The one i am using is PTU by Shani of Wicked Princess Scraps - it can be found Here or any store she sells in

Template from sylvie and kristin can be found Here

Filters Used are Optional

Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Bevel

Ok here we go

Open up the template and delete the credits

Click on the Circle layer
Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat
Modify - Expand by 2
Copy and paste a paper from the kit as a new layer
Selections - Invert and hit delete on the keyboard
Select None
If your paper is to bright or to busy for you lower the opacity. I lowered mine to 76

Click on the Oval layer and repeat the steps you just did

Click on the Pink Rectangle layer and repeat one more time
You can do this same process to the rest of the template if you wish but i left mine

Now add your tubes and move into place
On my main tube, the one standing i added a bit of Gradient Glow

Add your elements but becareful, i have so much going on in the front that most of my elements are in the back

Once your done, have everything the way you like it and merge visible

Type out your name
Selections - Select All - Float/defloat
Modify - Expand by 2 and add a new layer
Fill with color
Move this layer below your name
Click back on your name layer
Use your Eye Candy Impact - Bevel
Use the Red Lighting Preset at default settings
You can change the color to match in the Lighting Tab.

Add your credits and your done!

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